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With over 50 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of the most technically advanced two way radio products in the world, Icom has earned a reputation for high quality, innovation and performance. Icom's extensive range of two way radio, navigational products and systems include: IDAS Digital Two Way Radio (NXDN/dPMR); Two Way Business Radio (PMR/ PBR); ATEX radio; LTE/PoC Radio; IP radio; Satellite PTT Radio; Amateur radio; Receivers/Scanners; D-STAR digital Amateur radio; Marine radio; AIS Equipment; GMDSS commercial maritime radio; aviation/Airband radio; and licence free walkie talkies (PMR446). Icom's range is available in fixed-base radio, vehicle mount radio and handheld radio formats.







Concorde® Battery Corporation is a manufacturer of premium quality lead-acid batteries. The present product lines include valve regulated sealed lead-acid batteries (VRSLA) for aircraft, marine, medical, telecommunications, emergency backup, and photovoltaic applications. 

Since 1979 Concorde® Battery Corporation has manufactured aircraft batteries and batteries for shipboard use by the U.S. Military. Concorde® Battery Corporation has provided the Department of Defense with over 150,000 military batteries manufactured to rigid quality requirements. Concorde® Batteries have been adopted by worldwide militaries including Canadian, British, Australian and Italian air forces.

Concorde® manufactures AS9100 and ISO 9001 certified products and is fully qualified under the FAA Parts Manufacturing Approval (PMA) process as a manufacturer of a full line of batteries for commercial aviation. The replacement market is supplied through distributors located worldwide.


McCauley is one of the world's largest full-line propeller manufacturers, with over 500 models available. Historically, McCauley propellers are FAA and EASA certified as original equipment for aircraft built by Hawker Beechcraft, 

British Aerospace, Cessna, Fairchild, Grumman, Jetstream, Piper, Stoddard Hamilton and many others.  McCauley’s aluminium products have always served a wide range of markets: commercial, military, agricultural and commuter airlines, as well as personal and business aviation. McCauley propellers are in the field on more than 350,000 aircraft around the world - a testimony to their continuing commitment to excellence.  A McCauley 2 bladed propeller was fitted as original equipment on the SAAB91D.  

As part of the preparations for this round the world trip a new McCauley 3 bladed propeller has been fitted.  This new fit – the first to a SAAB91 – will reduce noise and vibration, increase take-off and climb performance whilst maintaining cruise performance. 

The reduction in noise and vibration will make long flights significantly more comfortable and the improved take off and climb performance will help considerably when taking off for long fully fuelled legs at the maximum all up weight of the plane.

The legendary reliability of McCauley constant speed propellers will give me peace of mind when I am flying over water or inhospitable terrain.


For over 25 years, Aerosoft GmbH has been acknowledged for high-quality simulation products. Rooted in the flight simulation business, add-ons to the Microsoft flight simulator and the company's own hardware ACP (Aircraft Control Panel) have been published first. Nowadays, Aerosoft also supports the popular flight simulations XPlane, Prepar3D, and Aerofly FS and publishes numerous add-ons for these platforms.

From 2002 onwards, Aerosoft extended the product range to other PC simulations. In addition to add-ons for the Train Simulator, popular titles such as World of Subways, OMSI, the Fernbus Simulator, Emergency Call 112 - The Fire Fighting Simulation, and the Autobahn Police Simulator are among the brand families at Aerosoft. In 2017, with Straw Harvest the first add-on to the Farming Simulator was published. A wide range of special hardware completes the product range.

With more than 30 employees and more than 50 free developers worldwide as well as numerous cooperations, Aerosoft is one of the leading software manufacturers and publishers worldwide in the field of simulation games today. Thanks to its strong distribution partners in Europe, South America and the USA, Aerosoft today generates more than 50% of its sales abroad. The high quality standard of the products is repeatedly proven by international awards and a customer satisfaction rate of over 90%. The Aerosoft online shop currently offers one of the largest PC simulation ranges in the world, with nearly 1000 products.